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We Offer Online Quran Classes

We are offering Quran classes online anytime. Register for online Skype Quran Classes.

Online Quran with Tajweed

Learn Online Quran With Tajweed In Arabic language each word. If you are not an Arab then you have to learn it.

Adjustable Timings Quran Classes

Classes are scheduled according to the convenience of students, so that Quran learning can easily.

AnyWhere Device Convenience

Quran learning lessons on PC, tablet or any android device, thus making it easy for you to learn Quran anywhere anytime.


Umar Online Quran Academy is a spectacular platform of online quran teaching which enables new muslims and children all over. Established in 2007, Online Quran Academy is the best and most authentic online Quran learning platform. We feel humbled to earn respect and trust of tens of thousands of parents for over 12 years! The world to read quran with tajweed from home. we welcome all students interested in quran learning, the program includes quran reading (nazra quran), nurani qaida, memorizing quran, translation and prayers duas with the 6 kalimas you are just one click away learning from highly trained, qualified, dedicated male and female quran teachers we have. our quran tutors are available to teach quran 24/7. for free trial click here, inshallah you and your kids can start quran learning immediately. We start with basic Quran reading lessons. We have highly qualified Quran tutors for your service at any time you need at your home.


We at QuranHost provide your and your kids with a great opportunity to learn Quran Online with Tajweed at home conveniently. You can learn Online Noorani Qaida, Reading Quran with Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Tafseer-e-Quran and  Arabic Language at your place without disturbing busy life schedule. We have developed the best Online Quran Courses for kids and adults to improve Quran recitation and memorization. So, the parent has to understand their children’s capabilities. The thing they expose them in their childhood will remain with them for an eternity. For example, if your child picks up a bad habit at a young age, then it is tough to get rid of that habit, the same goes for learning something useful.

Therefore, our Quran Academy is the best solution to Umar Online Quran Academy online at your home. Our Quran Tutors provide you step by step Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and basic Islamic knowledge. Are you looking for an online Quran tutor for yourself or for your children? let’s learn Quran in one-to-one online Quran class at the comfort of your home.

Offered Quran Courses:

  • Basic Noorani Qaida Course
  • Quran Reading Course
  • Quran Memorization Course
  • Quran Translation Course
  • Rules of Tajweed Course
  • Islamic Studies for kids Course


Our program is available to individuals of all ages, from children to old people, without any distinction. Our courses usually take 3 to 6 months to enable a student to read Qur’an accurately. But it mostly depends on the student’s interest and capability.

Basic Noorani Qaida

Holy Quran from the basic important as it gives allows you and your children to read the Holy Quran knowing the basic rules..

Learn Quran with Tajweed

Quran College Online offers this basic Quran Reading Course for students, children, adult males and females, with the best teaching..

Online Quran Memorize

Online Quran memorize the Holy Quran is a spiritual and physical project of a devoted Muslim. It is a miracle and a blessing..

Advanced Qirat of Quran

Online Quran this course includes pronunciation, character features and corresponding rules for stopping and starting. Read the Holy Quran fluently.

Translation of Holy Quran

Translation of Holy Quran This course is designed specifically for those who already know how to read, but do not understand its meaning..

Tafseer e Quran

Holy Quran Tafseer is the most significant science of Quran. the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah.

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