online quran academyMemorizing Quran Online, Hifz Online, and Tahfeez Online at any level starting from beginner to advance. If you need help with memorizing the Holy Quran, while you feel difficult on your own, then do try our classes online at any time. We offer a trial sign up for you. We are sure you will love our classes and teaching methods. In this course, you will be able to save the longer surahs of the Holy Quran in your heart and memory inshaAllah. We have selected a bundle surahs for you but if you want to make some changes in it, then you ask your Quran instructor and they will modify this course for yourself. In this course, you will memorize Surah Kahf, Yaseen, Waqi’ah, Rahman, Naba, Hujuraat, and Talaq, etc. 


Our online Quran memorization classes are divided into three parts:
Lesson: This the portion consists of a few new ayahs/verses that you’re supposed to memorize every day, depends on your schedule and memory.
Muraj’ah: This is the part of the Quran that you’ve memorized so far, and you need to revise it by the time. For example, if you have memorized 4 juzes than you should revise one or two juzes every day in order. This is also more important than your new lesson. Your Quran teacher will be helping and sharing you more tips and tricks to make things more effective inshaAllah.


Everyone kids, adults, and sisters can join our Online Quran Academy. With the opportunity of one on one Online Quran Academy classes so that your teacher can focus on you only and help you achieve your goal, by the time you will also learn Online Quran Academy techniques which will improve your capability to memorize more and more and recite in the best way possible.