online quran academyAnyone who reads the Quran with meaning puts in a great effort in understanding of the Word of Allah and thus shall be rewarded. It also benefits anyone who seeks a guideline in the Quran and also leads to the fulfillment of an Islamic Obligation bestowed upon us as a Muslim. This is an advanced course and we recommend it only to those who are already familiar with recitation of the Quran with Tajweed. If you want to learn the meaning of Quran and read Quran with true understanding, you should join Live Quran Translation Course. In this course students are taught the meanings of Arabic words and their contextual use in the Holy Quran. Word by Word translation of the Quran (Lafzi Tarjuma) Explanation of the translation (Tafseer e Quran).


This method was devised by famous Islamic scholars to help students understand the Holy Quran in the language chosen by Allah Subhana wa Tallah. It doesn’t matter what your native language is, once you register for this course and start learning you will gradually be delighted to find yourself actually understanding what you have read all your life but had no idea how to interpret it without the help of a translation guide. Many readers will prefer to look at more than one translation to get an idea of the true intended meaning of the words. The following list describes four highly regarded English translations of Islam’s most holy religious text.